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We value first and foremost personalised service, an integral part of our success.

Howie R Bird & Sons Water and Sewerage Supplies Ltd in NB and Parts of Maine

At Howie R Bird & Sons, we know all of our customers by name. Thanks to our autodidactic approach combined with our hands-on experience, we’re your greatest asset when you need quality pipes and fittings designed for municipal, commercial and forestry sewer systems.

We proudly consider ourselves our clients’ right-hand man.

A Cut above the Rest

Durability is something that we look for when it comes to the products we supply to contractors throughout New Brunswick and parts of Maine. That’s why we deal with trusted suppliers that provide first rate pipes and fittings consistent with the highest standards in the industry.

About Us 

Family owned and operated, Howie R Bird & Sons was launched by Howard R. Bird in 1978. The company started off in the family home’s basement. In 1998, the company moved to its present location on Killarney Road.

Professional Affiliations

New Brunswick Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association

New Brunswick Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association

Fredericton Northwest Construction Association (FNWCA)

Pipes & Fittings 

We have all the supplies you’ll need to install a durable municipal sewer system.

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